Why students should drink yerba mate!

Student life is also a time of parties with friends, long study days and working evenings and weekends. The need for caffeine is high to survive the ups and downs of this hectic period. Yerba mate is definitely the secret weapon to face student life, discover how this plant could replace your 3 coffees a day, for one yerba mate a day!

1. Be woke - Mentally!

This is the secret weapon to keep you focused and present throughout your 3-hour classes and 8-hour study sessions. Yerba mate is known to naturally aid concentration and to provide a unique cognitive boost.

2. Goodbye stress and anxiety!

The yerba mate leaves contain a strong presence of theobromine. This alkaloid is known to be a natural antidepressant, to reduce blood pressure, and to be a natural muscle relaxant. Is there a better way to survive your midterms and finals than with this natural medecine?

3. Energy without crashes, jitters and tics. 

You already have too much to overcome during your studies, overcoming caffeine crashes isn’t something you should be bothered with. Plus, with yerba mate, you’ll never feel an itching feeling to wriggle while sitting in the library or class.

4. Happy bank account!

The traditional infusion of yerba mate allows you to get all the benefits of the leaf. In addition, this energy infusion is certainly the most economical and ecological way of consuming yerba mate. You only need your tools (Gourd and bombilla), yerba mate and water. And you’re good to go!

5. Find your balance!

Student life means always being on the go and trying to find a balance between friends, family and work! You need a hand, and yerba mate is here for you!

6. Life goes fast - Make every moment count!

Yerba mate perpetually reminds us to savor the present moment by sharing and creating ever-lasting memories with the people around us. The unique vibe that it generates is a gratitude testimonial towards yourself, and what surrounds you.