The Matero Set: The essentials to brew yerba mate!

What does "Matero" mean? Matero refers to the person who drinks mate. More precisely, the person who is an infusion enthusiast, and who wields the art of mate preparation. To proclaim oneself as such, it is imperative to possess certain tools necessary for the preparation of mate. Did you know that some of these tools were created exclusively for the consumption of yerba mate?

The tools needed to prepare mate

The gourd (mate)

The gourd, commonly called the mate, is the container in which the infusion is prepared. Different models exist to meet the needs of the Matero. Most are similar: with a wide opening, a small base, and a vase-like shape. There are multiple models, find out more here.

The bombilla, or filter straw

The bombilla is the straw used to sip mate. It has a flat end, and a filter at the end. Several models exist, some of them very traditional, cut in a unique way. We have several tips for you to learn how to use the Bombilla!

Yerba Mate

The heart of the infusion: the leaf. Choose your favorite yerba mate! 


The thermos allows you to carry your water everywhere. Choose a bottle that can hold 1L and that contains the heat well. This way you can brew your mate wherever you want: at school, on the road, at the office!

How to use your Matero set

It's one thing to have these different tools, it's another to know how to use them properly. The preparation of mate is an art in itself. Learn more about the preparation steps right here.

Maintenance and cleaning

These tools, depending on their materials, require different maintenance. Generally, cleaning the gourd and bombilla with hot water is appropriate for cleaning well. If the container and straw are made of stainless steel, they can be safely placed in the dishwasher. If the material is more traditional, such as leather, a gentle hand cleaning is ideal!