The lightly sweet taste of Yerba Mate infusions

Communities are more aware of what they consume on a daily basis and are showing great interest in natural foods and their effects on health. Natural sweeteners benefits our health, and nature offers an incredible source of element to sweeten our drinks and take them to another level. (source)
Our energy infusions contain only 8g of natural sugars, making them healthy, tasty, and balanced drinks. Uncompromising energy that brings you a wealth of benefits and, above all a fresh taste with fruity notes.
Nature's goodness
Our organic cane sugar comes from pure sources. It undergoes minimal processing and retains more of its natural qualities than refined or artificial sweeteners such as aspartame. You can enjoy sweet satisfaction without synthetic additives or dubious aftertastes. 
Harmonious flavors
Organic sugar enhances the profile of our energizing infusions. It adds a touch of sweetness that complements the earthy, herbal notes of Yerba Mate, creating a harmonious blend that's simply delicious. 
Balanced energy release
Unlike artificial sweeteners, which can lead to energy dips and blood sugar spikes, organic cane sugar offers a more balanced energy release. You can enjoy a lasting energy boost without the feeling of fatigue that can usually follow.
Careful sourcing of ingredients
At Mateina, we're committed to carefully sourcing quality ingredients. Using organic cane sugar, we support sustainable farming practices and prioritize the well-being of the environment and our community. It's a sweet choice that matches the values of our Familia. (source)
Enjoying a healthy, naturally sweet energizing infusion is priceless. It's a tasty pleasure that will keep you energized and smiling all day long, without compromise. An energizing infusion that lives up to your expectations, and is suitable for your health. 
Cheers from a distance!