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The best summer 2022 cocktail: Sparkling Mango Key Lime yerba mate x gin

Hot summer days make you want to gather with friends for a festive reunion? Well.. we have the perfect cocktail recipe for you, combining our sparkling yerba mate energy infusion and vodka or gin! Simple, tasty, and original: cocktail lovers will be delighted!HOW TO PREPARE OUR SPARKLING MANGO KEY LIME...

Mateina Yerba Mate at Dans l’oeil du Dragon on May 2022: Behind the scenes explained by co-founder

Yerba Mate company Mateina at Dans l'oeil du Dragon on May 2022. Co-founder Elodie shares behind the scenes of the experience and the pitch in front of the Dragons! Watch full episode on May 18th, Radio-Canada. 

Yerba mate: are there any health risks?

Some raise concerns about the risks of yerba mate and worry that this plant is dangerous to health, possibly causing cancer. In this article, we are demystifying this subject by briefly explaining where this concern comes from and how to avoid possible danger in order to only enjoy the benefits...

5 good reasons to drink yerba mate

Consumed by millions of people everyday for its energizing effets and other great benefits, yerba mate is a plant native to the South American rainforest. Some like to compara yerba mate with the energizing qualities of coffee, the benefits of green tea and the euphoria of cocoa. Yerba mate contains caffeine,...

Air-dried yerba mate VS smoked mate: The differences

Smoked Yerba Mate: The Risks Most of the world's Yerba Mate is processed using a heavily smoked drying system that uses burnt wood to dry the mate leaves. This drying method is known to produce a Yerba Mate that contains polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), chemicals that have been shown to...

5 reasons to switch from coffee to Yerba Mate!

In addition to offering the arousal of coffee, mate offers you the health benefits of green tea & the euphoria of cocoa. It offers a powerful energy, as well as being naturally good for your overall health. Discover how mate and coffee differ. You'll quickly understand why we love mate...

What is Mateine?

Yerba mate has begun to attract the attention of North American populations in recent years. Consumed for centuries by our Latin neighbours, mate got the attention of North American societies because of its distinctive attributes, but also because of its unique method of consumption. This plant-based beverage has become popular...