Mateina launches a brand new flavour: here's the Story behind it.

Guys. IT'S ON.

It's official, we've just launched a new sparkling energy infusion: Raspberry YUZU. 

After the success of Mango Key Lime, we thought it was time to expand our ready-to-drink sparkling variety! As you can imagine, launching a new flavour is not a simple matter of snapping your fingers. In the Mateina Family, we love to make the impossible possible. It was by doing the biggest magic trick ever that we managed to bring this new product to fruition, in the middle of February. 

We explain:

  • Our Hibiscus & Berries had been struggling for some time. Following a survey of our Matero lovers, we quickly understood that it no longer had a place among the best Yerba Mate-based ready-to-drink beverages.
  • With an inventory of 250k cans planned for this flavour, we thought WE WERE DOING IT! We had just found the method that would allow us to offer a brand-new infusion to our customers.
  • So we decided to use those empty cans and infuse our brand new recipe, a new breath of freshness: our Mateina version of the classic Raspberry Lemonade. We called our friends at the printers and made Hibiscus & Berries, the Raspberry Yuzu.

You got questions, we got answers! 

What is YUZU? 

Yuzu is a citrus fruit that finds its unique taste between that of a lemon, grapefruit and tangerine; just sweet enough with a nice acidity. Grown mainly in Japan, yuzu is an extremely rich fruit in antioxidant properties, vitamins & minerals.

Fun fact: Yuzu has better resistance to cold than the yellow lemon we are used to consuming. This fruit deserves to be discovered more in Canada hehe!

Is it true that Nic creates the recipes? 

Yes, it is! Nic spent MANY hours (we stopped counting) of experimentation to find THE perfect recipe (just enough bubbles & a little bit of organic juice but not too much). Our Cebador worked hard to balance the flavours without denaturing the taste of the Yerba Mate plant and preserve the light, refreshing & delicious taste we love. After the team's approval, we were ready to share this gem with you!

What's up with the Hibiscus Berries?

If you're a Hibiscus and Berry fanatic, don't worry! You still have time to fill up and satisfy your thirst for a while. Make sure you subscribe to our newsletter to be notified of your last chance to order.

So Amigo, we can't wait to hear what you think about our new Yerba Mate Raspberry Yuzu plant-based energy tea. Feel free to leave a review + tag us on Instagram when you share your mate love. 

If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to write us at : A member of the familia will be happy to answer your questions! 

Enjoy the Raspberry Yuzu here