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We couldn't wait to share this delicious and funky recipe with you! It's possible to create 1001 recipes with our mate, and among them we propose you today to drink our Winter Berry flavor in SLUSH! 

In addition to being really pleasant to drink, you will find in the Winter Berry Slush all the benefits of mate, the delicious taste of blueberry and haskap, enhanced by Patience's 100% organic wild blueberry juice. Naturally, and only slightly sweetened, we invite you to sip this treat with a member of your Familia on a sunny day. 

Learn more about the Protect Our Winters Foundation right here.

What you need to prepare your SLUSH x Winter Berry

  • A 355ml can of our Winter Berry flavor - Or our Hibiscus Berries
  • Patience’s 100% organic wild blueberry juice (You can order it online, just here)
  • Fresh or frozen blueberries
  • Blender
  • Ice cubes
  • A large glass

How to prepare your Yerba Mate SLUSH

  • In your blender, add ice cubes, the entire can, wild blueberry juice (amount to taste!), and blend
  • In a large glass, pour the mixture, and add the fresh blueberries on top