5 reasons to brew yerba mate the traditional way

Yerba mate can be brewed in many ways. Our favorite method is definitely the traditional infusion. We truly believe that this unique infusion can have a huge positive impact on your daily life.

Here are 5 reasons why we love it so much, and why you should get on board too!

1. It gives your body all the nutrients it needs!

Yerba mate is packed with vitamins, minerals and nutrients necessary for the proper functioning of the human body. Since the traditional infusion is made up of several repetitive infusions (15-20 times!), the extraction of these nutrients from the leaf is at its full potential. 

2. Get your caffeine fix, without the crash!

The natural presence of theobromine in the leaf of the yerba mate plant changes the game! Theobromine is known to be a muscle relaxant that reduces stress and anxiety. It naturally balances the negative effects associated with caffeine (Crash, jitters, drastic awakening). Offering a balanced, relaxing & lasting awakening. 

3. Who doesn’t like saving money?

Knowing that the energy offered by mate is more sustainable over time, you can trade your 3 coffees a day for a single gourd of mate a day! As it brews repeatedly, the traditional infusion follows you throughout the day, and only requires water to brew!

4. A great way to contribute to the circular economy!

Say goodbye to single-use cups! Traditional brewing is prepared with these three reusable tools: The gourd (Or any container at home!), the bombilla & a thermos of water. That’s it! All you need is your favorite flavor of yerba mate, and you're ready to brew!

5. Slowing down, to pick up momentum!

Yerba mate’s ritual of preparation forces you to connect to the present moment. In South American tradition, it invites us to savor the moment. It allows you to clear your mind to better face the day!

The traditional infusion really puts you in a unique state of mind that boost your productivity,  focus and flow. Enjoying a gourd in good company is a way for us to honor the traditions & values of South American related to sharing and creating lasting memories with family and friends. It also acts as a daily reminder to enjoy the present moment and life through deeper human connection.