Yerba mate: Recover naturally, to perform better

Yerba mate is known for its multiple benefits on global health. Indeed, it is full of vitamins and minerals essential to the proper functioning of the immune system. Mate contains a multitude of nutrients that have a positive impact on physical recovery, as well as hydration of the body. Understand why.

Mate: A superfood

Mate naturally contains vitamins A, B, C as well as calcium, iron & magnesium to name a few. This high content of nutrients, added to the strong presence of theobromine in the leaf of mate make this plant your best ally. We like to say that it is a natural medicine. 

In addition to naturally lowering blood pressure, acting as an anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxant, it positively affects cognitive functions known to facilitate concentration. 

Natural caffeine: So you keep the good pace

Popular rehydrating and energy drinks contain artificial caffeine, generated by a mixture of active ingredients. Yerba mate, on the other hand, contains a high level of caffeine, which is 100% natural. 

How can you say no to this magical plant that allows you to be at your best before, during and after physical effort? 

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