Sharing the tradition: Celebrate Argentina's National Mate Day

Today, as a Canadian Yerba Mate company, we celebrate the tradition and terroir of Argentina. Our organic Yerba Mate, directly harvested in Misiones, pays homage to the roots and culture of this beloved beverage. A noble, high-quality, environmentally-respectful partnership. On this special day, let's raise our gourds (and ready-to-drinks) to share the joy of our daily ally, connecting us to Argentina's rich history.

The roots of our mate:

Misiones, in the northeast of Argentina, provides the ideal climate for its cultivation. The Guarani indigenous people preserve the traditions associated with this centuries-old cherished drink.

Why Misiones?

Our quest for the best yerba mate led us to Misiones, where the red soil, abundant rainfall, and subtropical climate create a distinctive flavor. The lush landscapes offer the perfect setting for Ilex paraguariensis (the Yerba Mate plant), providing an authentic taste with every sip.

The ritual of sharing:

Sharing embodies the core values surrounding this plant and the community it embraces. National Mate Day encourages us to connect with each other, Yerba Mate gourd in hand, of course. In Argentina, sharing mate transcends generations. No matter how you enjoy your Yerba Mate, celebrate today years of cultures and traditions

A shared passion that transcends borders:

Today, we emphasize this goodness of nature, all together. We are proud to share our passion and journey, along with our partnership with a third-generation family that brings the best of Misiones. On this National Mate Day, savor your infusion and enjoy the present moment surrounding this naturally energizing beverage.

The discovery and sharing of Yerba Maté have truly transformed our outlook on energy drinks, coffee, tea, and familiar stimulants. This naturally energizing plant has become the healthy alternative, traveling miles to reach us, carefully chosen by many Canadians as their favorite daily beverage. Valued for its distinctive energy and absence of side effects, this beverage genuinely and positively influences our lifestyles.