LEMON ZERO: A sugar-free flavor by Mateina x Andrew Huberman

Mateina launches its first sugar-free beverage!
Here it is! We can finally unveil our brand-new creation: an innovation destined to transform the market of sugar-free drinks and healthy alternatives. It's the perfect dose of organic energy, crafted into a ready-to-drink infusion based on Yerba Mate. An energizing, refreshing, and sugar-free infusion.
Lemon Zero is a succulent, non-carbonated beverage born from a challenge issued by the team behind one of the most influential and globally sought-after health podcasts: The Huberman Lab. The bold collaboration between Mateina and Dr. Andrew Huberman has given rise to an exceptional drink that is poised to redefine the health beverage market.
Discover, starting today, an explosion of freshness and flavors (sugar-free) that promises to tantalize your taste buds like never before. The partnership established to create this recipe prioritizes simple and authentic ingredients to ensure a premium product. This new creation asserts itself as a must-have across the entire North American market!
From the moment you crack open the can, the light aroma of Lemon Zero envelops you. This beverage provides a complete sensory experience, blending a refreshing fragrance with an authentic and energizing flavor.
"Lemon Zero is the ultimate alliance of freshness, sugar-free. The liveliness of lemon merges with the subtlety of ginger (without its spicy side, of course) and the natural taste of the Yerba Mate plant. This unique beverage is enhanced with a discreet pinch of stevia, offering a sugar-free delight with only 20 calories and 120 mg of caffeine per 355 ml can. A refreshing pleasure without the slightest sweet regret."
Each sip, as exquisite as the last, transports you to the heart of the invigorating benefits of mate. This beverage has been carefully crafted to provide a natural and delightful taste.
Try our Lemon Zero now, the flavor that redefines sugar-free and results from a passionate collaboration between Mateina and Dr. Andrew Huberman. Available now throughout Canada on our website mateina.ca and in the United States on drinkmateina.com.
The sugar-free revolution is underway, amigo, and you're part of this adventure!