How to use the bombilla?


The bombilla: A tool steeped in history!

To begin, it's important to mention that the bombilla was created solely for the purpose of consuming yerba mate. It was created by the Guaran peoples, a collection of South American indigenous tribes, many years ago. The bombilla was originally made from bamboo branches, but there are now various different variations on the market. Ours is made of stainless steel, which is dishwasher safe. Thank God for Bombilla!

What is the purpose of Bombilla?

Because of this ingenious straw, the method of infusing mate is extremely different from that of tea and coffee. It is specific to the preparation and culture of yerba mate. You can brew and re-brew your mate multiple times throughout the day thanks to this unique straw. The bombilla combines the functions of a straw and a filter into a single tool. It keeps the leaves of your infusion in your gourd and the yerba mate in your straw. Without your bombilla, the yerba in your gourd would sneak up with the mate, and we wouldn’t want that!

What are the best practices when using a bombilla?

An important step preparing your mate, is to make a yerba cavity in your gourd before inserting your bombilla. To do this, take a ¾ full gourd full of yerba and rotate it at a 45-degree angle so the yerba falls to one side of the gourd. Insert your bombilla into the newly created free space. But first, add a small amount of water. This will make it easier to insert your bombilla filter into the yerba.


After inserting your bombilla, pour in your water and enjoy your quick-brewing, energizing yerba mate! Here's another yerba pro tip: once you've inserted your bombilla, don't move it or use it to stir the yerba around. This will clog the bombilla's filter and is considered a major mate blunder in mate circles!