How much Yerba Mate should I drink a day?

How much Yerba Mate do you need in a day? It's up to you to establish your caffeine routine with our Yerba Mate.
Sipping this energizing herbal delight is not just a ritual, it's a way of life. You're probably wondering, "How much mate should I drink a day?" Don't worry, we've got the ultimate guide to find your daily balance with our beloved Yerba Mate!
Rule #1, Not too much, not too little, it's all in the balance.
The right amount of Yerba Mate is really a matter of dosage. Most people are happy with 2 to 4 cups a day! This allows you to get the full benefits of Yerba Mate, without overdoing the caffeine. If you didn't already know, Yerba Mate is packed not only with caffeine but also with theobromine and antioxydants. Together, these compounds give us a product of high quality, but above all, a unique and perfectly balanced energy that spares you the side effects usually associated with caffeine consumption.
Health Canada suggests 300 mg of caffeine per day for a healthy pregnant or nursing woman. Health Canada also recommends a daily intake of 400 mg for adults aged 18 and over (source).
Quantity of caffeine in our products
Our sparkling energy infusions contain 80 mg of caffeine per drink, while the non-sparkling ones have 130 mg. Mate bags have 25mg of caffeine per bag and a cup of Yerba Mate leaves can contain between 80 and 150 mg. So you do the math that applies to your condition and enjoy the energy and benefits of Yerba Mate healthily!
Morning boost and afternoon sip 
Start your day with the smooth and long-lasting energy of mate! A gourd or ready-to-drink mate in the morning can replace your usual coffee and give you the boost you need to get through the projects ahead. As the day progresses, another yerba mate based drink can clearly offer you a refreshing break and/or fight the usual drop of energy that follows lunch time! Start the afternoon with aplomb with your best ally: Yerba Mate.
Listen to your body 
Your body knows best what it's doing and what it's consuming. Some days you feel the need to drink more, others less. Pay attention to the way yerba mate makes you feel. Only you know the quantity that best suits your needs and condition.
The importance of hydration
You should know that Yerba Mate offers a ton of benefits, but it's not what keeps you hydrated to the max, so it's essential to drink water to keep you at your best!
So here's our answer to the famous question, "How much yerba mate should I drink a day?". It's all about moderation! Just listen to your body and enjoy every sip of the freshness and natural energy that Yerba Mate products can offer.
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Cheers from distance!