Yerba Mate & Matcha are two plant-based infusions; but what are their differences?

Mate, Matcha... It can be confusing! Since in the Familia we like to help each other out, we wanted to explain to you what are the main differences between these two plants.

Origin & culture

Yerba Mate has been consumed for decades by our South American neighbours (Argentina, Brazil & Paraguay) compared to Matcha, which comes from Japan. 

Fun fact: The GuaranĂ­es used to gather to share Yerba Mate and strengthen the bonds between the inhabitants of their village. They would pass the gourd around and share the unique energy of Yerba Mate; a custom that eventually became a tradition. Sharing and community are values that are rooted in society.


Yerba Mate is often recognized by its vegetal, woody side and its more pronounced bitterness due to its leaves which contain tannin. The presence of stems in the mixtures (and not only leaves) can offer a slightly different flavour since they act as a natural sweetener and balance the bitterness present in the Mate leaves. It is also in this part of the plant that the concentration of theobromine (a stimulant with relaxing effects) is the highest. Matcha is distinguished by its slight astringency, its vegetal notes & its herbaceous side.

Know that you can always sweeten and enhance it with other ingredients! Yerba Mate has the advantage of offering several options from a rather sweet mate to a lemony mate. Whether it's a hot or cold infusion, Tereré yerba is very versatile; many recipes are available on our site.


Yerba Mate is prepared from dried leaves. They are harvested and dried in different processes to be used in the traditional way. Once ready, they are infused in a calabash (mate gourd) and consumed with a bombilla (filter straw). Matcha is obtained from the leaves of tencha tea. It is then ground into a fine green powder with a stone grinder. You just have to mix it with hot water and whisk it to obtain the drink.

Effects and sensations 

Mate and matcha are less irritating than coffee but more stimulating than classic tea. Their action is smoother & longer, in terms of duration, which avoids the energy highs and fatigue that are often associated with coffee. 

In addition to being an excellent source of energy, many agree that mate and matcha accelerate the metabolism and contribute to the feeling of satiety. 

Small bonus; mate would bring a feeling of well-being (we confirm, the materos often tell us that drinking yerba makes them not only productive & focused but especially, that it is the moment of their day when they savour and enjoy).

Composition of the plant

Both mate and matcha are naturally high in antioxidants. Mate is rich in theophylline and theobromine and contains anti-inflammatory properties while matcha has more flavonoids and polyphenols.

We can therefore say that Maté and Matcha are two excellent options! The differences between these two infusions lie in the taste, the preparation and the composition. We are sure you will make the right choice, it's all about balance ;)

Cheers from afar!

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